Best Generosity Resources According to Givers

Looking for ways to learn more about generosity, but need some ideas about where to start? In The Generosity Bet, many of the people featured in the book shared the books, media, conferences, and more that inspired their own generosity journeys.

Here’s the list:


The Bible

Mover of Men and Mountains by R. G. LaTourneau – a generous businessman with over 300 patents and the founder of LeTourneau University

The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn – Jesus intended His followers to discover that joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure.

The Eternity Portfolio by Alan Gotthardt – Investing in God’s Kingdom is the ultimate financial opportunity.

How Much Land Does a Man Need by Leo Tolstoy – In this short story, a peasant believes owning land will solve all his problems. The Devil decides to take him up on his boast.

Business by the Book by Larry Burkett – What would happen if you made your business decisions by The Book, that is the Bible? A step-by-step presentation on everything from hiring and firing to management selection, and to tithing.


Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial Study – 10-week study that combines God’s wisdom with practical application related to managing all of one’s resources

Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial Study – Special Edition - This financial study is designed specifically for those entrusted with wealth. Many Christians have only been taught to give, but not what Scripture says about handling all of your resources.

Generous Giving – provides generosity retreats, an annual event, and giver stories to encourage others in their generosity journeys

Super Service Challenge – a nationwide initiative that encourages and rewards volunteers from the workplace who come together to serve charities and make a difference in their communities. Winning teams receive a share of more than $1 million for their charities.


National Christian Foundation – NCF is the largest Christian grant-making foundation in the world. They work with givers, ministries, and churches to create a culture of generosity.  Individuals and families can set up private funds for their own giving.

One Hundred Shares – This Atlanta-based nonprofit supports local ministries. They also provide support and tools to women seeking to start their own giving circles. – The Global Generosity Network collaborates with Christian churches, networks, business leaders, and generosity ministries to encourage giving and stewardship.

Kingdom Advisors – This is a community of Christian financial professionals integrating faith and practice for Kingdom impact.

Helping Hands Ministries – This ministry provides direct financial assistance to deserving and qualified individuals, ministries, and charities. They also help donors give anonymously to individuals.

Halftime – This ministry works with mid-life marketplace leaders who desire to live the second half of their life rich in eternal significance.

What about you? Which two resources look the most interesting? Or, what resources have influenced your own generosity journey?

The Secret of a Happy Life

In a recent article on The High Calling, devotional writer Dave Peterson discusses the secret to a happy life:

Matthew 5:42
“Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you.”

In writing these daily reflections, I am very fortunate to work with an excellent editor, Marcus Goodyear, who helps point out where certain changes in content and structure will improve the message. In reading this latest verse from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, I’m wondering if Jesus would mind if I served as his editor, just for this one troublesome verse. Perhaps something like this,

Dear Jesus,

I am in receipt of your latest draft of the Sermon on the Mount. Nice work. Opening with the blessings is very strong, and I like the way you’ve updated several of Moses’ commandments. However, I would like to propose just one tiny change to your comments on giving and lending. I found myself wishing for a bit more clarity. The way you’ve written it seems a trifle ambiguous. So I was thinking of something like this:

Give as you are able to trusted family and friends and lend to those with good references and FICO credit ratings above 740.

I think you’ll agree that these edits will be appreciated by your audience.

Dave Peterson, Editor

Most of us would happily put an X in the generosity box as long as we could be selective about who we give and lend to. Unfortunately, Jesus includes these two words everyone and anyone, and he leaves out the clauses and conditions that we’d hope to see.

In fairness to Jesus, I need to tell you that just a little later on, he will also say, “Do not give what is holy to dogs; and do not throw your pearls before swine.” Jesus does expect some discretion when we consider giving valuable things to others. But even so, as Matthew Henry, the insightful eighteenth century Bible commentator summarizes, “Always be ready to give, and always be ready to lend.“

I’m writing today with my tongue in my cheek, but I do believe that generosity is the secret of a happy life. And I believe that Jesus is very serious about his call to a radically generous lifestyle that is more willing to give and lend than human reason would ever expect. And the exhilarating truth of this can only be known when we “give to everyone who begs from us, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from us.”

Stay generous, my friend.

QUESTIONS FOR FURTHER REFLECTION: In what ways is generosity easy for you? In what ways is it more difficult? Do you see evidence of many undeserved blessings in your life, or do you sense that you’ve had to fight and claw your way for everything you’ve got? Where do you sense God is nudging you to an expanded form of generosity?

PRAYER: Gracious and generous Lord, if generosity is the secret of life, then why do I find it hard to give? Why do I hold tightly to what I possess? Why am I so cautious about others in need? If generosity really is the secret of life, then I give you permission today to help me live in accordance with your word. I will give and lend to those you send my way. Amen.

© 2001 – 2015 H. E. Butt Foundation. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from Laity Lodge and Article by Dave Peterson.